Samsung Experiential Marketing Tour Event Activation Truck -  Wicker Park, Chicago, IL
Supermarket Product Sampling Marketing Activation Company Example - Boston, MA
MINI Cooper Reverse-Clean Street Art Mobile Billboard Truck Advertising Example - Venice Beach, CA
Converse Pop-Up Experiential Marketing Activation Vehicle - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Walking Billboard Outdoor Advertising Street Team Marketing - Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York City
Guerilla Video Billboard Building Projection Outdoor Advertising - Union Square, San Francisco
City Street Pole Pull-Tab Poster Advertising Company Example - Capitol Hill, Seattle
GoldToe Guerilla Marketing Statue Takeover PR Marketing Activation Stunt - Financial District, New York City
Citibank Experiential Marketing Event. Step & Repeat Company Example - Union Square, New York City
Mall Brand Advertising Installation Example - Seattle, WA
Experiential Marketing Product Sampling Vehicle Company Example - Los Angeles, CA
Converse Wheat-Paste Poster Dedicated Wall Advertising - Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Bulletin Board Poster Local Bank Advertising Example - Pittsburgh, PA
Mall Experiential Marketing Activation, Tourism Company Example - King of Prussia, PA
Coffee Backpack Street Team Convention Marketing - Washington, DC
N. Michigan Ave Experiential Mobile Showcase Vehicle Event Marketing Example - Chicago, IL
Beach Advertising & Marketing Billboard Company Example - Boston, MA
Construction Site Street Poster Advertising Company Example - Wicker Park, Chicago
Costumed Street Team Product Sampling Marketing Company Example -  Manhattan, New York City

ALT TERRAIN brings brand experience ideas to life!

We are an agency passionate about creating experiential marketing experiences that people embrace and share with friends. Moreover, we believe that exceptionally produced company experiences build brand reputation, advocacy, social currency and growth.

Our specialty is helping brands get noticed and positively engage people in city neighborhoods where they live, work, shop and hangout.

We help companies maintain brand presence, consumer engagement and street credibility via experiential activations, guerilla marketing, public relations stunts, street murals, building projections, convention marketing, mobile tours, promotional teams, poster advertising, interactive installations, content generation and influencer marketing.

Everything we do is built around helping companies personally connect with people through authentic, simulating and shareable experiences.

Check out numerous company examples of recent brand marketing activations in our Featured Work section.

ALT TERRAIN is the premiere outdoor experiential marketing partner to actionably influence consumers in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington DC, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Portland, San Diego and many smaller cities such as Pittsburgh, Detroit and Sacramento.

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